Happy Life & Riding the “U” Shape Wave of Life – 5 Ideas

happy life

Want to Live a Happy Life? One thing I have noticed about people and happiness over my life: If we can be of service to others, connect with others and help others, our happiness tends to grow.

7 Ways to Build a Robot “Wealth Building” Army!

6 ways to build a wealth building “robot” army!

Star Wars Collectibles

Star Wars Collectibles – Take Them Seriously! Life is a journey of learning, discovery, evolution, and experience. But we all know that some of our discoveries are things we wish we had done differently. This is just reality. Life is not a success only journey, we hit snags and complications. And we are tested. It … Read more

Why Invest In 2023 & How to Do It

Why Invest In 2023

Why Invest In 2023 & How to Do It? Do you know why you invest in 2023? To make money, right? Yes, but like many things in life there is more to the story. If we explore a little further, we may find there are more subtle and complex reasons to invest. Investing Investing is … Read more

Market Summary for the Week of January 16th

Market Summary for the Week of January 16th, 2023

Market Summary for the Week of January 16th This week was a wild ride with the market going bullish. But will it stay that way? SPY Friday we closed a few cents above the 200 EMA on the daily. Let’s hope this holds. Keep an eye on the longer term weekly as well. Still much … Read more

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