Simple Stock Review – Realty Income (O)

Do you ever wonder who owns the actual building you are walking in when you patronize a Walmart, Walgreens, Taco Bell, AMC movie theater, Home Depot, gas station, etc. A small fraction of your purchase goes to paying rent on that property. Many times it is not the company you are patronizing that owns the property. In many cases it could be a company called Realty Income, who own over 5,100 properties with 249 commercial tenants operating in 47 industries. Talk about diversified. And one thing people always seem to need: real estate in some shape or form.

Realty Income, stock symbol “O”, is a way to gain investment exposure to the real estate sector without the headache and hassle of becoming a landlord. Realty Income is known as “The Monthly Dividend Company” because they pride themselves on their monthly dividend since 1969 that has increased over time. To me, it kind of has that feeling of collecting rent each month off your property. But again, the great thing about this kind of investment is that there is zero hassle in terms of managing properties and tenants. It is a stock that is purchased and then one can either collect the dividends each month as income or have them reinvested.

Please keep in mind that this article is for informational purposes only and is not investment advice. For more information check out:

The Money Vikings hold positions in Realty Income.

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