5 Simple Health Hacks

If you have not conquered your financial freedom yet and are still grinding away at the 9-5, it can be challenging to fit in any kind of exercise and healthy habits. Throw in the demands of raising a family and work stresses, and taking care of ourselves becomes exponentially harder. Then add in the standard American diet (SAD), full of low nutrition sugar and bad fats…You get the picture: An all out assault on your health and frankly your wealth. There is a proven link between health and wealth for obvious reasons. No wonder half of Americans are overweight, tired and obese! We have a major problem on our hands. And this is not touchy feely stuff, this is about money. It costs our country billions in healthcare costs because something about our lifestyles and habits is broken. Not to mention the personal monetary costs of being sick and tired all the time. Of course the ideal is to be able to have some dedicated time each week to exercise, play tennis, lift some heavy objects, do some yoga, etc. But how do we find the time each week or the energy, we may not, so we need some health hacks to at least keep us as healthy as possible.

A life of “True Wealth” is comprised of healthy finances, strong mind and body. So what is a Money Viking to do? It is a big challenge for me to fit any kind of self improvement workout time into a very demanding schedule. Here are 5 health hacks I employ every day in order to increase my chances of staying strong and healthy. They are simple and do not require a big effort to implement. None of them require an expensive gym membership or huge amounts of time you may not have. I will also add no system is perfect, we all have our challenges, but here are 5 minor adjustments that could pay off over time:

1. Cinnamon Coffee

Every morning I put some cinnamon in my home brewed coffee. Cinnamon has many proven health benefits. It may treat type 2 diabetes, can lower bad cholesterol, has antiviral properties, and may have anti-carcinogenic properties. Plus, it tastes good in my coffee! How easy is that?


2. Just Walk

Every chance you get no matter where you are, just get up and walk. Around the neighborhood, in the office to the printer, on the lunch break. Take the stairs, park farther away, go to a park with your kids. Simple, free, clears your mind!

3. Add or subtract one thing

I certainly do not have a “perfect diet”. There is probably no such thing. But a mental trick I try is to either add something healthy to an otherwise unhealthy meal or subtract something unhealthy. For example, if I get some crazy burrito, I will add guacamole. It tastes good and I just added some nutrients. On the flip side, if I get a Mexican Pizza at Taco Bell, I remove the meat to lower the calories and bad fats. If I get a regular pizza, I try to load it up with veggies. Again, I am at least gaining some nutrients and fiber.

4. Play with your kids

Kids just want to spend time with you. It’s not about the stuff and the toys and the gadgets, it’s about your attention as a parent. Just go out in your backyard or park and play around with them. We have a big bin of soccer balls, frisbees, and other outside things that can just be tossed around. Turn on the sprinklers in summer and run through them. Instant exercise and all star parenting all in one!

5. Sleep

For Gods sake people, get some good rest! Sleep literally cleans the brain of toxins and protein buildup each night. This is one reason it is so important. This is free and healthy and I can’t think of anything easier. Life and building wealth is a marathon not a sprint, so get some good deep sleep every single day. You will have to create the right conditions. You will have to pry yourself from the addictive grip of devices and social media. By the way, social media is designed to trap you, it is playing off your physiology and makeup to keep you addicted and connected, so beware, it will be hard to turn it off. If you are starring at a screen at night, you are shooting blue light into your eyeballs. This tells your brain to be active and alert and wears you down. The room should be cool, comfortable, quiet and free from the electronic wonderland we have becom so addicted to.

* These are some simple health hacks that I believer work for me. None of this is intended as medical advice for any one particular person. Please see a medical professional for advice on your specific situation.


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