3 Feel Good Activities (mostly free & healthy)

We all know exercise is good for our physical and mental health. The reality is we evolved to move, not to be chained to a desk in front of a computer blasting our eyeballs with blue light all day long. It would be cool to see a cartoon of an early human just staring at a computer screen. So unhealthy! But, a new study revealed the top 3 “exercises” that release the feel good euphoria one has after a workout!

People exercise for different reasons and in different ways. One huge benefit of exercise is that feeling of euphoria and calm one has after exercise. In fact, a recent study I read about said having that feeling on a regular basis could add 10 years to a persons life, not to mention improve the quality of life now. One big exercise hack is to incorporate it into the fabric of your day. It doesn’t have to be about going to the gym. It could be taking walk breaks, standing and stretching, playing with your kids or grandkids, etc.

You know that good feeling you have after exercise? Apparently that feeling is even more important to our health than initially realized. The same study I mentioned listed the top 3 exercise actions that give a person that great sense of happiness and euphoria, and the results are rather surprising. Here they are from number 3 to number 1:

Number Three: Walking the dog

How cool is that? People gain that great sense of euphoria from walking their dog around. Such an easy, free built in daily exercise that apparently has awesome effects on our health.

Number Two: Yoga

I am a big fan of yoga. It’s pretty much free and results in that great feeling after exercising. It’s also low impact and something people can do for most of their lives.


Number One: Going to a Concert/listening to music

I know, this surprised everyone. Going to a concert released that exercise feel good vibe. This Isn’t always free, some concerts are way too expensive. Perhaps there are ways to replicate by pumping up the Pandora at home and dancing around the living room.

The main points here are that it is important to gain that feeling somehow. And it appears there are easy and free ways to do so.

This is not health advice for any individual and is meant for information purposes only. Please consult your personal health care provider to discuss exercise options.



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