30 Day Challenge: Day 14, Wear a flannel save 15%

When I worked and lived in Italy I noticed something, they did not blast their air condition units to the extreme. They explained that they wanted to feel the weather a little bit. So they would set the temperature reasonably and then if it was a bit cold, put on a flannel or sweater or blanket. It’s ok to feel a little chill. Or hot, wear light clothing. You get the idea. If you adjust your thermostat to a reasonable level, not extreme either way, you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars in utility costs each year. So in the winter instead of cranking the temp to above 80, keep it at a reasonable 70. In the summer, instead of trying to cool down to 70, let it be 80. It’s ok to feel the weather a bit. If a person has a medical condition please consult a medical professional. This is only an opinion and not intended for any one person.

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