30 Day Challenge : Day 15, See a Certified Financial Planner

Off to see the Wizard, a Wizard of financial planning. Today I’m going to see my financial planner. Perhaps there are tax savings I’m not taking advantage of such as a Roth or IRA. If you can find a fiduciary financial professional with your best interests at heart, then you may be in store for some valuable help. Perhaps there are better asset allocation strategies for someone my age and I need a slight course correction. Perhaps the price of college has gone up from when I attended and I should evaluate my children’s 529 accounts. How are the trade wars, interest rate fears, or the the recent self driving car issues impacting the stock market? Does any of this matter if I’m not going to retire tomorrow? What in general can a fiduciary financial professional help with:
  1. Asset allocation
  2. Assessment of your goals compared with your investment strategy
  3. Insurance questions
  4. Life and estate planning questions
  5. Tax benefits and maximization
  6. Setting goals and achieving them through a disciplined approach
These are just some of the questions I’m looking for an “expert” to answer for me. Hope I’m on the right path! The key is finding a “fiduciary”, someone with their interests aligned with your interests. Such expert advice could save you thousands and add thousands to your net worth over the years. We will calculate some kind of savings or added investments to the 30 Day Challenge total. I am pretty sure a CFP will be able to add some value and would provide some helpful tips to grow my wealth and protect my family’s future.

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