30 Day Challenge: Day 16, Three Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

On Day 16 and Easter it is important to wealth building to cultivate gratitude. Gratitude is actually at the very heart of wealth. There are people in this world with very little in terms of assets and material possessions, but they are happy and grateful, which in turn makes them rich.
  1. Meditation. I am a firm believer that the practice of meditation, even if only for a few minutes can increase one’s ability to practice gratitude. There are many resources out there to get started. Basically it is about breathing and just letting the mind calm down and focus. Typically we focus our attention on our breath or a phrase. The mind typically jumps around like an excited monkey, but the practice of meditation makes the mind act like a calm lake.
  2. Tell Someone Thank You. Just being thankful for someone in your life can add to your feelings of gratitude. Maybe  it’s a coworker that helps you get through the days. Maybe a loved one or your partner. When was the last time you just said thank you to them.
  3. Make a List. Writing down ideas and concepts is a powerful wealth building activity in and of itself. That is why we are blogging! Make a list of the people and things your grateful for, it works!

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