30 Day Challenge: Day 20, Eat Less

I know this may sound like an April Fools joke post, but we missed that opportunity a few days ago. But, I did get sick a couple days ago and have basically not eaten anything for a couple days. The joke was on me!

This all got me thinking about how often and how much we eat. Then I started doing research and new studies are finding that people’s health can improve with intermittent fasting. Call me a glass half full guy, I get a stomach virus and then try to find the bright side. Apparently our ancient ancestors did not have a Taco Bell or Burger King on every corner, so basically the body evolved to “fast” sometimes.

So, it appears my forced 2 day fast could have been good for my health and wallet. I also went on coffee withdrawal, which hurts if you have had 2 cups plus a day for the past umpteen years of cubicle life.

I am coming back to the world of the living (and eating), but starting to think this every once in a while fasting thing has its benifits. I certainly saved a few bucks on food, and I will claim any savings I can get. But next time, I would prefer the fast on my own terms. Then again, I sure do love eating!

PS: As always, this is not medical advice for any individual. Consult your healthcare professional before starting any kind of diet program.

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