30 Day Challenge: Day 23, Using Found Change

Day 23! Seven more days to make one small positive change each day for our finances. Speaking of change, todays’s idea is lighthearted but has a point.

I have a penny problem. Thousands of pennies laying around from the years. So I used a bunch of pennies to buy a pack of gum. I consider this free money because it has just been laying around in random cups and jars. Call it Spring cleaning.

I was very polite to the friendly cashier. I waited for a slow time, so no annoyed customers behind me. I also pre counted stacks of $1, 50 cents and 25 cents to make it easier.

A penny used is a penny earned, something like that. Nowadays I am collecting less pennies because I use less physical cash. So good to clear out some of the old pennies.

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