30 Day Challenge! The Totals

So we are wrapping up the 30 day financial challenge. Each day we challenged ourselves to do one small act that either saved us money or invested resources for the future. Between the two of us we were able to save and invest an additional $465! This is a combination of savings through one time and recurring acts. This will grow over time into further momentum.

One big takeaway from the 30 day challenge is that the one small act or focus each day begins to build new habits and a new way of viewing money and resources. You might want to take on your own 30 day challenge, it may surprise you how much you can save and how much better you may feel afterwards knowing you gave your resources the time and attention they may have needed. We all need a tune up or refresh every once in a while. I thought of this as a financial cleanse that will pay off far into the future.

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