Meditation Techniques to Build Wealth

First I want to de mystify meditation. How about we call it something different so that you will not approach it with pre conceived notions:

Let’s call it giving your mind a break for a few minutes so it will operate and function more effectively.

My point is that some folks are “over thinking” meditation. I am no monk or zen master, but study after study shows how amazing this practice is for your health. And there is no chanting required or sitting in your underwear, unless you want to.

You would not run continuously forever without rest. You would not run a piece of equipment forever without a break and maintenance. Same goes for your brain. How the brain goes the body goes.

Here is the simple method: Sit in a quiet and comfortable place. Make note of how your thoughts are racing from one thought to the next. Gently guide your thoughts back to your steady breath.

I truly believe a practice like this can help a person manage their life and finances. It does not need to happen in some special place. It could be for 5 minutes in your car. 5 minutes at your desk or 5 minutes before bed. Ideally you would want to shoot for 2 times a day and for a longer duration.

I believe it can have the following positive effects on a person’s finances:

ONE: Meditation helps me focus in on what’s really important. I realize it doesn’t matter the fancy clothes I wear, or living in an expensive house, or what my title is. What really matters is having positive engagements with others, living a healthy life of True Wealth and being present to help my family and friends.

TWO: It calms anxiety. I think a lot of people impulse shop to calm anxiety or mask depression. Studies have shown that meditation helps alleviate this.

THREE: People who practice meditation are generally healthier. This could lead to significantly lower health care costs down the line.

FOUR: Better focus could lead to higher income and wealth building potential. What if you had a secret technique to improve your brain function, focus and efficiency? You do, meditation.

So pick up a simple book about meditation or take a class. You may be surprised how much it helps to give your brain a break from the thousands of minor thoughts bouncing and racing around.

Your brain is your single most important wealth building tool, so take good care of it so it can care for you.

Please see your health care professional before starting any kind of meditation practice.

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