Why Own Anything? Fat Lama Coming!

The sharing economy is providing tremendous value to millions. Lyft is a great way to utilize a depreciating asset that typically sits dormant, while providing the customer a much less expensive ride. Some futurists are claiming the era of car ownership on a vast scale is coming to end. Why spend a fortune at a hotel when you can Air BnB for half the cost. Again, we can squeeze more efficient use out of real property that may have sat empty and under utilized. This benefits the owner and the user! What about the rest of the stuff that piles up in our garages? Tools, equipment, bikes, drones, lawnmower, projector, etc. Can we somehow share and rent out all this? Here comes Fat Lama! Not a huge farm animal to roam around your backyard. A website where it appears you can try to rent almost all your stuff. It started in Europe and is coming to the US now. Let’s say you need a sweet camera for a trip? Or a drone for a camp out? You can rent these things now. This whole concept makes me think about the future. Are we on the verge of a future where we are no longer “owned” by our stuff? Having lots of stuff costs money and takes even more precious real estate to store.  Don’t get me started on the insanity of storage units in America which I wrote about last week. I am always fascinated by people that can sparse down their personal items to a very few. And if the cost of renting comes down, it may make complete financial sense to rent rather than own. Or become an owner in order to rent out. Either way this is a win win for the renter and the owner.  

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