Grow Avocados! (Invest in them too?)

I love avocados! So do many other people, in fact so many people in China want them that producers can barely keep up. They are delicious and nutritious. They can also be expensive. If you have the property, plant a couple of them in order to eat the fruit for years to come. It requires two so that they bear fruit so consult an expert at the nursery. It can also take a couple of years for them to produce fruit. They are a superfood to be cherished! True wealth indeed. Think about ways to grow some of your own nutritious crops, become connected with nature, a true source of health and wealth.

Another way to invest in Avocados is through the CVGW Calavo Group Stock. It’s interesting to look at ways to invest in commodities, especially one that tastes so good and is good for your heart. Please remember we do not make stock recommendations, but I would recommend some chips with fresh guacamole.

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