The Wall Street Gentleman

Last month a man named Richard Jenrette passed away at the age of 89. He was a successful Wall Street type, which is not a popular description of someone these days. That said, by all accounts he was a stand up gentlemen. I ran across some notes he wrote down about how to generally be a successful investor and person. I thought a few were worth sharing:

1. Stay in the game and do not quit. Stick around! Do not be a quitter!

Sometimes folks do not give an effort enough time to mature. And stay in the investing game for the long haul is what many experts suggest works out best.

2. Don’t burn bridges behind you.

I have seen many people move to new jobs and burn a bridge. There is no reason in most cases not to leave a job with grace.

3. Remember – Life has no greater blessing than a good friend!

I would add that this extends to the 6-10 really close relationships we develop. Someone that truly cares about you as a person that you can connect with.

4. Don’t leave old friends behind…

This is hard as life progresses due to work pressures but try and keep old connections alive. Perhaps it is simply a text, call or social media connection, but cherish those times together catching up.

5. Try to be nice and say “thank you”

I am a big believer in being friendly to others and trying to cut them some slack. This does not mean be a pushover. It also does not mean we do not stand up for ourselves. But it does mean that we should try to spread some joy and calm friendliness. Everyone is dealing with something in life.

6. Stay informed, keep learning.

This is the main driver of our blog, keep learning and being inspired. It’s free and good for you!

7. Run Scared – Over Prepare

For your personal finances it might be good to be a bit scared and over prepare a bit. The middle and end result could mean more security and opportunity for your family. It could also mean more options over the long run.

8. Be proud, no Uriah Heep, but not conceited. Know your own worth.

Uriah Heep was a fictional Dickens character famous for fake humility and humbleness. The point here is that it is ok to be proud and carry yourself confidently. This will most likely lead to more opportunities to make money.

9. Turn problems into opportunities.

I have caught myself many times in life thinking “wow, this didn’t turn out the way I thought, but it was fine and made it better.” It’s made me not be so tied to one outcome.

10. Present yourself well. Don’t swear so much.

I agree and try not to swear.

11. Be open to change, consider what’s new but don’t blindly follow. Use common sense.

12. Have some fun, but not all the time.

13. Be on the side of the angels.

14. Have a fall back position, don’t leave your money all in one place.

15. Travel a lot, around the world if possible.

16. Don’t be a poor loser.

17. It helps to have someone to love who loves you back.

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