Are You Preparing For An Exciting Future?

Experts are saying some major changes are coming to the workforce and economy over the next decade. Can’t you just feel it with all the rapid pace of change happening everyday around us? Some good depending on your position, some bad, some thrilling and some scary! Think back ten years ago, which went by fast by the way. A lot of people did not walk around with super computers in their hands that connect the world with information at all times. You hold access to more information and data in your hand all day long and completely take it for granted now. Self driving cars, on there way rapidly. Planned missions to mars. The cost of the human genome down from $500k to a few thousand bucks and a few hours to sequence! The list of amazing human achievements is on and on and only growing exponentially. I personally believe one of the reasons for all the “political” commotion over the last decade has been partly due to the old world order being overturned by disruptive technology. Think Arab spring, grass roots upheaval caused by people being connected via social media. The government could not control the message anymore as they have for thousands of years. The powers that be will do everything they can to hold on and attempt to adapt to amazing advances in all areas. The future is actually quite good and will get better. Are you preparing to be a part of it?

I read a lot articles about technology and the economy. I’m a part time sci fi and fantasy artist, so I like thinking about where we have come and where we may be headed as a society and world. I’m generally optimistic, but I do think we need to be prepared for opportunity and disruption on a large scale.

The main point of this article is ensure you are doing things now to be prepared for an exciting future. Here are some ideas:

1. Create options

I don’t know about you, but isn’t it nice over time to create conditions where we have more options and more freedom? How do we do this? This is accomplished by being a part owner of the future, not just a consumer of the future. The good news is that most people can do this by purchasing stakes in companies that will control the future of humanity. A broad spectrum of technology stocks as part of a balanced portfolio may be a good place to start.

2. Continue to Learn

The nice thing about learning is that it is enjoyable and good for you. I personally think the key is learning about topics and subjects that interest us. The regular model of education based on rote memorization of subjects we may not care for does not work. We should explore and learn about topics that we enjoy and serve us. The nice thing as we get older is that we have more choices in terms of what to learn. There are so many options now for free online learning. It was a passion project, but I was able to take dozens of amazing art classes online, and I cherish the information and time I spent in this endeavor. It does not stop there.

3. Build a strong financial foundation

To truly enjoy and embrace the future we will need to own assets. We will need to invest in ourselves, others, assets, relationships, our community, etc. Think of every action as an investment that will most likely pay off in the future. Think of time now with your children as an investment in them and your future relationship. More than anything or any toy, they probably want to spend some time with you, so get off the screen and go to the park.

4. Your Physical and Mental Health

Are you being proactive in managing your physical and mental health? The future will not be as enjoyable if you are not arriving strong to experience it. What small adjustments can we make in order to put ourselves on a trajectory of good health? Eat right, move right, balance and listen to your body.

Life is like a river and we cannot stop the flow. We can only steer the boat a bit in different directions. The point is that the future is coming and no one, no government, no company can stop it. People will continue to want to be curious and push the boundaries of science, technology and engineering. We must prepare ourselves with knowledge, assets and a healthy mind to fully enjoy it. Some of the technologies will challenge us and we will need to be able to manage them appropriately, lest they takeover our lives in nefarious ways. Are you preparing now?

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