How Dark Chocolate Can Make You Rich

  Here at The Money Vikings we are all about financial life hacks. In other words we are seeking out the easiest and most efficient ways to become wealthy and live a truly awesome life. I think you might deserve it. But you have to make good choices and develop strong healthy habits. How about the habit of DARK chocolate? So here is another simple way to live a life of extraordinary True Wealth:

Eat Dark Chocolate (I believe in at least 70% to reduce the sugar content)

Before I lose you, hear me out. Having an unhealthy mind, tired body and poor self image will cost anyone a fortune. We need positive energy to work and thrive. We need a strong brain to manage our investments in all aspects. We need health to enjoy True Wealth. This is where chocolate enters the picture. It has a long list of health benefits (in moderation of course): 1. Dark chocolate improves blood. 2. Lowers blood pressure. So your chances of a heart attack are lowered. Can you even imagine the financial cost of a heart attack? 3. Dark chocolate is a powerful source of antioxidants. 4. Dark chocolate protects your skin against the sun. 5. Dark chocolate improves brain function. Dark chocolate over 70% clearly appears to be a superfood, and I think it tastes great. But the broader connection I want to make is to the care and efficiency of your most valuable assets: your brain and your body.

Without high efficient use of your brain and your body, it is very hard to build wealth. We need to be healthy, strong and balanced to take on the challenges of earning money. But the challenge does not stop there. We then need to make good and healthy financial choices in order to build our hard earned money into wealth. Do we need any more reasons to eat something that is tasty?

Before starting any kind of diet please consult a healthcare professional. I truly believe health is connected to wealth. What easier way to start becoming wealthy over time.  

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