5 Ways to Make the Best of Your Current Situation

Most of us must work a long time to reach our F.I. (Financial Independence) goals. A big theme of discussion here at The Money Vikings is how we make the best of our “traditional” working time. Let’s face it, after you have established a career path it is not easy to change course. Here are some ways to make the best of where you are now:

1. Seek out your tribe

Spend time with people that truly support you, teach you etc in a symbiotic relationship.

2. Discuss what you like with your supervisor

Try explaining to your supervisor the things you enjoy on the job. Maybe you will get more of that.

3. Have boundaries and priorities

You are one person with so much time and bandwidth each day. Don’t be the martyr that takes it all on.

4. Focus on developing tools and work hacks

Truly focus in on ways to make your job more efficient and organized. Develop systems and organizations that support you. The best companies in the world are obsessed with this, why shouldn’t we be. They are making billions this way.

5. When at work, work. When home, be at home.

Have you ever seen all the time wasters at work. I understand the need for balance, but when at work, let’s get work done so we can go home on time and live our lives!

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