A Permaculture Farm in Montana

ABC Acres, a slice of paradise!

Last year we had the pleasure of visiting a permaculture farm in Western Montana called ABC Acres. My wife scheduled a farm tour with the friendly owner Tim. He shared their fascinating story of being two busy and stressed corporate types to now living a hardworking healthy and wholesome life on an 80 acre farm in Montana. Tim and his family raise cattle, pigs, chickens, turkeys, etc. They grow crops and practice permaculture, which essentially is a way of farming and raising livestock that is in harmony with the ways of nature. There are no chemicals, hormones, nutrient deficient farm feed, etc. used. In other words, as food should be produced to maximize the animal’s life, the cleanliness of our environment and ultimately our own mental and physical health. There lifestyle seems right in line with a method of financial independence. If you grow your own food, rent out some AirBNBs and educate your own children; well you are only depending on Mother Nature to provide.

Big City vs. Rural Life

As someone living the big city corporate life, it is fascinating to experience life on a farm. From our short visit it is clearly not easy work, but it appears very healthy and satisfying. It clearly takes a heavy financial investment to get up and running. It also appears to be a way of life that truly connects a person with nature. Air B&B it! You can stay on the farm for a couple nights or visit for the day. They sell wholesome nutritiously dense products in their new farm store. The yolk of the eggs looked absolutely beautiful. A huge consideration when working out financial independence goals is to consider the cost of living in the area one lives. Obviously making $50,000 a year in New York city or San Francisco is a lot different then making that same amount of money in a wonderful medium sized or smaller town in the US. I believe smaller and medium sized cities in the US will experience a re birth over time. More and more folks are able to work remotely and this gives us a certain amount of freedom in terms of where we live. If you work remotely, you can live in a smaller and less expensive city. The rural life has health benefits for children and can be less expensive. Now keep in mind it is a ton of work to run a beautiful farm like ABC acres, but some folks love this life. The point is to align your priorities and values with the way you engineer your life.

Free Range Chickens

The farm has two rolling chicken coops. The chickens are rolled around to different parts of the farm to roam freely during the day. Healthier happier chickens make more nutritious eggs. In general the experience made me think carefully about what we could do to be more self sufficient and live in harmony with nature, even in a suburb of an expensive city. We are allowed some chickens, so fresh eggs may be in our future.

Children Need Nature

A recent study I read about said that children and all people really need open space and time in nature. This lowers the risk of depression and other mental health disorders compared with children that grow up in extreme urban environments.

Design Your Life

I was absolutely amazed at the way the ABC acres family engineering their lives in a way that was in sync with their highest values. I was impressed and inspired. Let’s get back to ABC Acres as soon as possible!

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