Wake Up Rich Someday

The cool thing about achieving True Wealth in    life is that it is actually not complicated. It may seem complicated for a couple reasons. First most people are never taught about finances and investments or they have no desire to learn. Something that we do not explore and examine seems foreign and mysterious. With education and information we begin to see behind the curtain, remember there are many illusions in this world. Secondly there are many industries that rely on people being ignorant. How else can they charge huge fees and separate a person from their hard earned money?

Whatever the reasons, if you read books on building wealth or read blogs like ours, you realize this should not be complicated. In fact if we put our mind to it, most people could become part owners in the economy and grow great wealth over time. One of my personal favorite books about money is called Ordinary People, Extraordinary Wealth by Ric Edelman. The book resonated with me because I am ordinary, but I realized I could build wealth. You can too with a steady income, some discipline and taking a few proactive measures. A person may actually not need that much discipline if they simply automate their path to wealth and stay away from toxic debt. So here are some ideas to wake up rich someday:

1. You are probably already rather accomplished and wealthy

In many ways wealth is a state of mind. When is enough enough? There has to be a point because at some point a person is just chasing money. If a person has good food, friends and family, health, productive efforts, and is materially comfortable; what does it matter if they have more and more? Know when you have enough.

2. 401k or Investment Account

We have read hundreds of personal finance books and they pretty much say the same thing. Have some percentage of your paycheck automatically placed in savings and investments every single paycheck. This simple action repeated hundreds of times usually results in substantial results.

3. Tune out the constant buy signals

We are at times mice in a maze. And the maze is purposely filled with demands for us to buy stuff. Some of it adds real value to our lives, but do we really need that 100 pairs of shoes or latest flat screen TV? No.

If a person makes $25k year or $250k I believe they can follow some basic steps; and it is possible to wake up rich someday. It’s worth a try!

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