What To Do With Gambit Comic?

Some stuff we think will be collectible and valuable turns out to be all psychological hype. You know, stuff like beanie babies, tulips and perhaps many Cryptocurrencies (which appears shakier each day.) But some interesting collectibles seem to hold some serious value over time: Star Wars toys, Garbage Pail Kids, comics, artwork, etc.

It seems the big ingredients for value are time, scarcity, pop culture relevancy and condition. Combine these factors to the power of e-Bay to create a world wide market place, and there is a thriving and valuable market place.

This gets me to the New Orleans anti hero Gambit. I discovered in my collection the first appearance of Gambit in X-Men. There appears to be a Gambit movie in the works. Apparently it may be along the lines of Solo and Logan in terms of genre and style.

As hype for the movie increases, the value of this comic could go to $500! Not a bad ROI for something I bought for $1.95. Wish I could identify some stocks like this.

The greater point here is that you can begin to treat some of your collectibles as assets. Like any asset, with time, scarcity, demand and added value they can really go up! It seems that many wealthy people think about many purchases in this way. For example, many wealthy folks probably buy antique furniture that actually increases in value over time, whereas most of us are buying a depreciating asset. So what things you buy could be considered assets and collectibles and which items are simply things that result in throwing away our money?

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