Just Give Up Already – 3 Concepts to Succeed

This striving for financial independence stuff is exhausting! Always thinking about the value of our time and money etc. Seeking out wealth, fortune and riches so we can live our life on our own terms. Is it all worth it to you? Is there a “lazy” strategy to all this that will still set you up for success?

If you find all this to be too much, then you are in luck for a couple reasons. First of all you are not alone. Secondly not wanting or caring about this financial stuff is natural. And finally, I will offer 3 concepts to lazily make your way to wealth that anyone can achieve.

Unnatural system for human wiring

Let’s face the truth. Economics, capitalism, money are man made systems. Animals in the wild simply survive, eat and _____ (have adult “fun”). The point is that all the humans before us have developed complex systems of exchange, monetary policy, laws, etc.

What to do:

A. 3 Simple Buckets

Have cash flow put into buckets that cannot be messed with. The first bucket is an automatic deposit to your investments for the future. This is probably your company 401k or the retirement account you can easily set up through a company like Vanguard. The second bucket is savings. Take 5% and have it put into savings for short term emergencies. This is the new tires, broken dishwasher fund. You get it, stuff breaks and you need some cushion to manage. The last third is called “Do whatever you want, but no more.” In other words, just spend it and go crazy, BUT do not go over. That is the hard part for folks.

B. Pay Off Credit Cards Each Month

If you have trouble doing this then it is probably best to not have credit cards at all. Know yourself. If you have the self control to pay them off each month then you can probably take advantage of money back or airline miles.

C. Seek Balance

Seek balance at work. Seek balance in your consumption. Seek balance in your lifestyle. The point being, if we become overly excited about a shiny new truck or big McMansion, we will probably pay the price. Be focused and level headed at work in order to improve chances of a raise and job security. Be level headed before we go after the next shiny thing.

To me, practicing the above A, B, C’s results in some pretty strong financial success. These strategies do not require countless hours of stock research or extreme frugality. This basic approach allows you to enjoy your life pursuits and let the money stuff kind of naturally fall into place, without you falling into some huge money trap over time.

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