Ways to Add (or subtract) Years From Your Life

I recently ran across an article that described some ways to add or subtract years from one’s life. I like the whole Vulcan concept of “Live Long and Prosper” as a worthy goal or northern light. Check out the interesting list below:

Flossing daily: +6.4 years

Playing golf regularly: +5 years

Eating nuts each day: +3 years

Becoming a father: +2 years

Going back to school: +11 months (but watch the debt!)

1 hour of running: +7 hours (This seems like a great return on investment, 1:7)

Being 1 pound overweight: -2 months

Smoking: -7 years

I thought this was pretty cool using statistical analysis. This is not intended as individual health advice, see your doctor for a regular physical for sure! What are you doing to add high quality, productive years to your life?


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