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The joy of games and learning

When I was a kid I was dyslexic and had a hard time learning to read. One summer my mom allowed me to play with Garbage Pail Kids and read Dungeon’s & Dragons books (I know, kid of the 80’s). After I went back to school my reading and comprehension scores shot up. There was more to the story than this, but the point was that playing “games” like Dungeon’s & Dragons and trading Garbage Pail Kids was a fun way of learning. As an adult, I ask myself, why can’t all learning be fun.

The Cash Flow Game

The author of the Rich Dad books made a board game years ago called “Cash Flow”. The game teaches people about assets, liabilities, investing and building wealth. But it is not taught in some stuffy boring MBA class lecture, it is taught with a game. I found this game at the Thrift Store today, it’s called “Cash Flow, How to Get Out of the Rat Race”. I first played this game 10 years ago and it left an impression. It is a financial education as you play.

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