Social Security Problems – Why You Should Vote Part 2

This week for the first time in decades social security had to dip into its trust fund to pay benefits. You should be concerned!

How unfair to pay into a system your whole life only to see it hit shaky ground in the next few years. If our Congress does not act we could see cuts in the future. Totally unacceptable given the fact that this is basic math. Here are some actions we can control:

1. So, once again, keep in mind the importance of voting and look for folks that will shore up the system. This is a system that keeps most of our elderly population out of abject poverty. For most people SS is a key  part of their retirement strategy and good insurance if we become too sick or injured to work.

2. Automate savings and investments. We may want to add a little extra to our monthly investments to account for potential hiccups in the system.

3. Call your elected officials. I don’t think people realize that you have an opportunity to call elected official offices and voice your view. A good office will log this view and make it part of a report that goes to the member. Call!

Some of these big issues seem out of our control. But this country has always been changed when people get activated and voice their views.

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