How Cryptocurrency bought Me a Car

It’s not a Lamborghini or Tesla, but it will get me from point A to point B from the power of the sun!  I had been experimenting with cryptocurrencies for a while and decided to take some profits.  I sold all my Ethereum ETH (not much) and then paid off the rest of my car loan with it. The loan wasn’t that much, but I still feel good about reducing debt!  I got bills to feed and mouths to pay!

Moral of the story for me is that I needed to examine my overall financial picture.  Know when to take some profits, especially if it will improve one’s overall financial health and strength.  As far as cryptocurencies are concerned, it is early to tell where all this will go.  Will they add value?  Will they be widely adopted?  Time will tell, but in the meantime my sweet electric ride is that much sweeter knowing I don’t owe anything on it.

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