Water Conservation Garden & Ways To Become Wealthy

In the Southwest they use to say “Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting…” , meaning water is a very precious resource. Always has been and always will be, just watch the classic movie “Chinatown”. This has only become more and more true over time as populations and economies have grown. Needless to say, water rates are only going up from here as there is more and more pressure placed upon the water system as a whole. As our planet’s population comes close to 8 Billion humans, we will need to engineer more ways to live in a sustainable way. That is a lot of people to provide fresh drinking water for. The great news about this kind of stuff is that it is not a touchy feeling practice for the environment, it’s about our personal bottomline and sustaining the carrying capacity of our space ship earth.  The better we are to this planet and our environment, the richer we will be. The more wasteful and unwise, the poorer we will be for it.

We visited our local Water Conservation Garden. This center in Southern California is not only a beautiful setting, it gives people dozens of ideas to landscape their yards in a way that uses very little water. This leads to a beautiful setting at lower costs. We are big believers that one aspect of achieving financial independence is making your entire living ecosystem low cost and as efficient as possible. My personal dream would be to have a living dwelling that is entirely self sufficient with low water landscaping and solar panels. The more we live off grid and harness the free power of nature, the better off and richer we will be.

Landscape Water

On average, 55% of a homes water is used on landscaping. This is the largest user of water and can be a huge waste of money given the many beautiful low water landscaping ideas out there. Using the laundry machine comes in at 12% and Toilets use another 12% on average. Last year we reduced our water bill by a huge amount of removing a bunch of grass and replacing it with beautiful desert rocks, a couple olive trees and some other drought tolerant plants that look amazing.

Water in the World

97% of the water in the world is salt water

2% is frozen in glaciers

1% is all the water left for fresh water needs

Fun fact: Are you drinking the same water as the dinosaurs? Probably yes, The Earth has been recycling the same water since it’s birth!

Great ways to save money on water:

  1. Landscape with rocks, decomposed granite, mulch and drought tolerant plants and succulents. In general this type of landscaping is usually called xeriscaping.
  2. Install a rain harvesting system. Through a series of drains and a large repository, one can collect rain water for their garden and plants.

3. Turn off the faucet while brushing teeth. You would be amazed by how much water is wasted when we just let it run this way.

4. Water commodity investments. Look for ways to invest in water. CGW Global Water Index Exchange Traded Fund. Ticker symbol is CGW and this fund invests in all things water related.

5. Use the right kind of grass. If you do have grass, choose kinds that use less water.

What other ways can we conserve and invest in water? In what ways can this practice help make you wealthier? Put some of these practices into place to add to your net worth and live more independently.

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