Avoid The Brand Tax!

We recently discovered brandless.com and it is pretty cool. Basically it is a bunch of consumer staples you would find at the grocery store straight from the factory, without the markup of branding or that particular grocery store. People typically pay a mark up for the same foods, same ingredients, but a different label is slapped on the outside of the packaging. So we are basically paying thousands of extra dollars for a label and particular name. How crazy!

I actually knew something about this concept because my grandfather used to work for Kroger, one of the largest supermarket chains. He said that in the factory where certain products were produced, they would slap a different label on the outside and then turn around and charge different prices.

Here comes brandless.com!

Hundreds of grocery store products to choose from. I found an olive oil I use for $3 and I typically pay $6 for the same bottle. They have coffee, tea, nut butters, oatmeal, pastas, sauces, jerky, rice, beans, salsas, honeys, dressings, oils, vinegars, etc. Many of the products are organic. This seems like a great way to manage the basics and save hundreds of dollars a year.

This made me think about how easily we are manipulated and how we should become more cost conscious. We just simply pay a certain price for things based on many psychological factors. We may pay more for something to feel better about ourselves because we perceive something as a better brand. In the meantime we can stop paying a fortune for coffee and organic beans, we can buy them at brandless.com.

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