Build a Home Gym

It’s that time a year again.  People will spend a bunch of money on a gym membership they will use until the beginning of February.  If you love the gym, then great.  But for Vikings, every day life can be a free gym!  If it is a hassle for you to get to the gym and you do not like it, you probably won’t stick with it.  In other words you are throwing away a bunch of money.  I believe getting exercise has to have some component of fun or practicality to endure.

Here is a money saving alternative, a free home gym or hiking outside.  I was recently driving by the local thrift store and out front I saw one of those spin class bikes.  I bought it for $20.  Throw in a few weights, a yoga mat or resistance bands.  Instant home gym, for almost nothing.  Your local park is free, playing with your kids is free, working in the yard, and all forms of exercise.  Keep it in mind next time you are tempted to pay for an expensive gym membership.

Here are several other ways to get a good workout in that is free:

  1. hiking, low impact and the beauty of nature to aid emotional well being
  2. push ups, sit ups, etc.
  3. band workouts
  4. a free workout dvd from the library
  5. a free yoga class at many libraries or public rec facilities
  6. a walk around the neighborhood (with the dog)
  7. play with your kids in the yard, chase them around
  8. free weights at home
  9. municipal pools at low cost

And think, you are less susceptible to all the germs at many gyms, no waiting in line for equipment, etc.  If you do decide to have a gym membership, just ensure you are using it so receiving the full value of your investment.  Some folks need the structure of a class or group setting to motivate them to take action and exercise, I completely understand this.  A lot of this depends on your personality type and what motivates you externally vs. internally.  In that case, look into setting up a group exercise meet up with like minded individuals or invite friends over for a run or yoga at your own home.  There are many ways online to connect with people that want to work out with a group.

Many health experts I read about recommend some form of cardio each day and resistance training.  As we see, there are many ways to achieve this that do not involve an expensive membership.

* Consult a healthcare professional prior to starting any exercise routine.

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