Pizza Night – The Advantages of Eating Out

Growing up, us vikings were trained to be frugal and never eat out. It was expensive, and not worth it when my Dad could make the same things at home for 10 times cheaper. Lately, we’ve been reevaluating the ROI of a night out at a local restaurant for Pizza. We spent about 52 dollars for 5 of us to chow down on some pizza for dinner. We avoided drinks, but ordered a side salad. When ordered, we picked the largest pizza we could fit in our viking boat for the trip home, knowing we’d need nourishment for the days ahead.

$52.00 / a family of 5 = $10.40/person for the meal.

However, I saved the pizza and had 2 more lunches from it, totaling 3 meals. On a typical work day, if I eat out, it’s $8 to $10 dollars for a sandwhich, so my pizza dinner became $22 dollars after I had 3 whole meals from it, and 4 others enjoyed their slices, making their cost $5.50 a head for dinner. Not too shabby, right?

There are a few added bonuses.  No preparation time or cleanup.  My point is, make sure to do the math and determine if the cost is worth it to you for your particular budget.  And make sure to leverage those leftovers.  Easy prep and added savings the next day.


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