Acorns Debit Card

  We are enjoying new apps like Acorns and Stash as a little extra way to automatically save and invest. Acorns facilitates round ups from your checking account. Every time you make a purchase, let’s say you spend $5.40, the .60 cents is automatically rounded up and put in an investment account through Vanguard. Acorns does charge $1/month fee, so you will want the account balance to grow a bit to make up for the $12/year. I also view Acorns as a kind of subscription and motivator since they provide some good content. So you are automatically saving and investing all your change, no rolling pennies required. So far I like the concept. I view the account as a kind of emergency backup, but hope to not touch it and let it continue to invest change. They recently introduced a debit card that basically does the round ups and has additional features. It appears the card will offer discounts at many stores and of course do the automatic investing of the change. There may be up to 10% cash back on some purchases, but the details have not been released yet. This system is good for folks who have trouble saving, it is automatic. Acorns is also free for college students. Overall we are big fans of automating your way to wealth and this may be one more tool in the toolbox.

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