Idea #1, Rest & Sleep (Including Naps)

Perhaps you were expecting me to say something clever like, “Stop buying Starbucks”, “Invest in your 401k and get the company match!”, “Only buy used cars”.  These are all great ideas and would help in your journey to one million bucks and beyond.  How about this for another tactic to get to a million dollars, get some sleep and rest.  Many modern countries populations are chronically sleep deprived.  I believe this has an effect on the quality of our life and our financial health. I think not having enough sleep leads to poor money habits.  Our willpower is low and we may be more susceptible to making emotional purchases or falling into clever marketing campaigns.  Sleep sometimes leads to new creative and business ideas.  When we are rested, we can be our best self at work which may lead to promotion opportunities.  Sometimes when I am faced with some kind of problem, I simply ask for an answer the next day after I have had some good sleep. Having proper sleep is a key component to being healthy.  Countless studies have analyzed the impact of good health on your bottom line.  I truly believe the path to building wealth is paved with a series of good habits, proper sleep being one of them.  Those habits build over time (saving, investing, living within our means, etc.) and become great things.  I would add proper rest as one of those habits to start forming today.  Turn off the computer, the TV, etc., get in some comfy PJ’s, turn out the lights and let yourself just be.  This includes the occasional good nap.  Many successful people throughout history relied on a power nap to be at their peak of production and performance each day.

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