Living Free Sanctuary – The transformative power of thinking of others

After a recent camping trip we had the pleasure of discovering the Living Free animal  sanctuary. The good people here essentially rescue different animals (mainly dogs and cats) that are about to be put down by the municipal kill shelters. Please check out their site that tells all about this great non profit:

The volunteers gave us a wonderful tour of the facility that includes great accommodations for dogs, cats, horses, tortoise, etc. They rehabilitate the animals and provide them amazing structure and affection.

We made a small donation. I realized the transformative power of thinking about other creatures and people on this planet. Even a small amount of giving and caring towards others goes a long way to create true wealth. Your gift to others may be in many forms. Perhaps the simple act of giving someone your attention can have positive effects. Sometimes just listening without judging is the greatest gift. You would certainly receive this gift from a rescue dog if you were holding a hot dog.

Many animals at Living Free are looking for loving homes. And many of the pets have so much to offer a family in return. While you work hard to build wealth do not forget the part about giving. Everyone has a different cause and the act of giving can have powerful psychological benefits for all. In a spiritual way I believe thinkIng about others leads a person closer to True Wealth in life. Isn’t that what this FIRE stuff is all about, to arrive at a place where you have the recourses to give back in some way.


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