Disrupt the Disrupters and Save on Date Nights

Last night, my wife and I went out for date night and had a blast. We don’t get out as often as we’d like, and this being a personal financial blog and all, I would advise against blowing lots of money on expensive dinners, Lyft rides, and babysitters. As the night progressed however, I started thinking about ways we could save money and still have fun. Besides the dinner, the other large expenses were the babysitter, and the Lyft rides to get to the “posh” part of town and back. Yes, we could drive, but I really enjoy a cocktail and a glass of wine with dinner, so that was out of the question. My suggestion is to create your own neighborhood network of willing parents /drivers that can take you wherever you want to go, and pick you up when you’re done. When it’s their turn for “date night” they will call in the favor and the cycle can continue! With Valentine’s Day approaching it is time to start thinking of other ways to save money on dates.  Splitting an entree is a way a couple can always save money eating out, not to mention saving some calories.  Some nice places to eat sell discount gift cards that give you 10-15% off just for buying the gift card.  If you do dine out at an expensive place do not forget to use your credit card with either cash back or rewards points, but make sure to pay it off each month. A few other ideas:  Picnics are very romantic and economical if the weather and setting are nice.  There are some nice deals on flowers and chocolates at places like Trader Joe’s.  Please share other ideas you may have to be romantic and economical at the same time.  It’s always more about the person you are with and the setting vice how much is being spent.

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