Go To The Beach (or Lake or Mountains, etc.)

For Father’s Day I received a fun pair of sunglasses called Woodies. The glasses came with a little monopoly like card with a great message. I was drawn to the card because Monopoly was one of my favorite Money lesson games. Maybe that is why I like real estate. Monopoly was originally called The Landlord’s Game. There is a whole sordid history about how the game was stolen and sold to Parker Brothers games. The little fake monopoly card read: GO TO THE BEACH Go Directly to the Beach DO NOT LIVE THROUGH INSTAGRAM I thought this was cool and reminded me of two Wealth building issues, one that adds to your bottom line and one that destroys it: 1. Go to the beach. In my opinion going out in nature adds great value to our lives. It reminds us of nature and our unique place in the world. We are more in touch with the natural rhythms of the universe. And it doesn’t cost much to go hiking or sightseeing or bird watching, etc. 2. Get over Instagram. People are going nuts with these Instagram photo shoots. Calm down people. Turn it off for a while, otherwise you develop this feeling that everyone is having fun but you. This is probably not true, but we are each one person. We can’t do everything and be everywhere. I think Instagram can inspire people to go broke by keeping up with their fellow instagramers. Food for thought: Don’t live through Instagram. Go outside and do your own thing.

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