Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Took a walk to the grocery store a few days ago and tried to challenge myself to see how much I could take home from there for less than 20 bucks. I knew I needed some specifics like fruits, and a few other snacks for the kids’ lunchboxes. My first find was the on-sale yogurt that was going to expire on Feb 15th, I know yogurt goes fast at my household, so I stocked up on a bunch at 50% off. Next I chose the off-brand apple sauce that was 50% cheaper than the competing name brand any day. I splurged with some “fancy” salami that was also about half the cost of the name brand. My best find however is not on the receipt – it’s a gluten free snack called “Half Pops” that are nice salty snacks that go great with beer. They were in the super secret clearance section near the door to the backroom/warehouse where the employees go. Somebody had scribbled (I think) 50c on the back of it with a sharpie. I think they retail for 3 or 4 dollars each, so I bought 2. When I checked out, I don’t think the clerk could read the writing either and just gave them to me for free! I’ve removed her name and a few other details from the receipt to protect her identity. I know I lost points for forgetting to bring a bag so I took a hit of 10c, but you can be sure that bag will be used at my house over and over again to recycle things. In addition to that, the entire purchase was also put on a credit card which will give me cash back for the whole transaction, woohoo!! We’d love to hear how you save money at the supermarket, and any tips that you have for saving such as coupons, rewards cards, and staying away from the major name brands. Let us know in the comments, and take the #fillthebag challenge!

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