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Hello and welcome to The Money Vikings personal finance blog!  The goal of this platform is to provide inspiration and ideas to help a person achieve true wealth and conquer financial freedom!  The very habits and practices that can lead one to achieve this level would continue to pay off throughout your life. This blog is about more than money.  It is about taking charge of your life and having a stake.  The viking theme is meant to remind a person that they must work hard and fight to achieve financial freedom.  On your voyage, like many, there will be challenges thrown our way.  Money is neither good or evil, resources are a neutral energy that can help us achieve security and provide a foundation to enjoy our best productive life.  We hope you enjoy the articles and discussions and that they help you achieve your goals.  Please share your ideas for achieving a million dollar net worth. A short note about who we are and obligatory disclaimer.  We are a couple of dudes in our 40’s, middle class, living in a rather expensive metro area.  Nothing on this site should be interpreted as financial advice for your particular situation.  The ideas expressed here are opinions.  If you have particular questions about your situation please consult a professional. Thank you and enjoy!

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