The Key to Happiness

I have only been on this planet for about 40 years.  And I am no monk, but I really believe the key to happiness is focusing on what one has and remembering how one is blessed.  Each time I feel myself starting to become jealous or negative, I try and focus my attention on what I have.  It almost immediately moves my mind in a positive direction of gratitude.

I think the second step to creating happiness and contentment is to focus outside ourselves on how we can help someone else.  How can we be present for our children, partners, friends, family?  How can we be good citizens in our community?  How can we add value at our job or with our businesses?

Focus on gratitude for the blessings you have in your life.  This is the Money Vikings definition of True Wealth.

Because the truth is that building wealth is not complicated.  The challenging part is building the habits, discipline, delayed gratification and self control to consistently strive for your personal vision.

Tune out the media and all the noise around you.  Focus on your vision of True Wealth.  It may not be that out of reach, or you may realize your living it right now.

Here are a few techniques we can use to cultivate more satisfaction and happiness:

1. Make a list of what you have.  Include non material and material things.

2. Think about the people you are grateful for. There are probably a few people that would be there for you when you needed them.

3. Think about what you could do for someone else.  And this could be free.  Perhaps it is a simple matter of just being present with a friend, spouse or child and just listening.  Not talking or judging, just being there in the moment.

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