Become an Owner/Investor! (Viking King or Queen of Your Life.)


One of the most important paradigm shifts we can all make is to become an owner/investor instead of just a worker/consumer.  In my opinion it is good to have a balance between these roles in your life.  Hard and important work has its own value, but you must also work to own assets.

How is this accomplished?

I have not moved in this direction with any brilliant or original ideas.  I am no tech wizard, hedge fund tycoon or trust fund baby (just a regular middle class guy).  I have tried a few shots at original business ideas, but mainly the classic path seems to work best.  This has included slowly building a portfolio of mainly Vanguard Index funds, some individual stocks such as Berkshire Hathaway class B, a real estate component via rental properties and my company 401k.  I have not hit critical mass yet where I can live off all these assets, but that is the goal!

Find your way to become an owner/investor instead of just a worker/consumer.  Throughout life we can be all these things, but better in my opinion to tip the balance in favor of owner and investor.  Here are a few ways to move the scale in favor of owner/investor:

  1.  Watch the consumption.  Basically live below your means so you can plow those dollars into assets.
  2. Think about how you can add value through your work or bringing a product to market that helps people.
  3. Focus on buying assets such stocks, bonds, real estate etc.
  4. Finally, own your life and where you are.  Everyone has hardships and some worse than others.  Our only choice is to move forward, get help when needed and take charge the best we can.

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