Teach Art, Tutor or Learn Something Fun!

For those of you creatively inclined, you can sell your expertise by tutoring art or music. You can also sell your artwork online and through fairs and galleries. Several years ago I made some extra money by providing art lessons to a friend’s children. Now they are so many online platforms like YouTube to create your own station and share your talents and expertise with the world. Here is a step by step of a Dr. Who inspired painting/illustration I made: Drawing stage is important. It may take several tries and you may want some photo references. Under painting is where you begin to block in the major colors and shapes… The final stages are shadow development followed by refinement and details… There is high demand for tutoring skills. I remember when I was in high school and was struggling with Calculus my parents hired a tutor. What subject are you strong at that you can share with others? Many retirees are looking to take classes and have some fun while keeping their brains sharp. You may have a talent or hobby to share with the world. On the flip side as a learner of things, there are so many free or inexpensive resources for learning now than ever before. Khan Academy among others is excellent for learning almost anything. Here is a short video of a drawing I worked on inspired by the villains of Dr. Who, the Weeping Angels! Don’t Blink!short clip

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