Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.

Here is my short take on crypto currencies.  I read somone comparing this time in history to the early dot com era.  There were hundreds of dot com companies in the early days that had no chance of surviving.  But as capitalist natural selection took its course, only the strong survived, creating major value to shareholders and society at large.

I think this a good analogy for the current crypto period.  Some of these currencies may actually solve real world problems and create efficiencies we could only dream of before.  These currencies are ushering new constructs such as smart contracts and changing the way money is moved around an increasingly globalized world and economy.  An economy that also demands more and more efficiency and speed to pull as much value out of each transaction.  I personally think there is great potential value in under developed economies with a lack of banking infrasrtucture but everyone is walking around with a powerful computer (smart phone) in their hands.

I have no idea how this will all evolve or end.  But, there may be some technologies and concepts that create great value over time.  Just be careful out there!

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