You can do this! Automated Discipline

Achieving a high net worth in your investment account is all about simple math and “automated” discipline.  You can do this, but most people in the world will never even come close.

I say automated discipline because you just need to set things up so a computer does all the work for the rest of your life.  Almost none of us have the human discipline to consistently each paycheck physically write the check to our investment account and then leave it alone to grow and better yet COMPOUND over the years.  We may have the discipline to occassionally save some money, put it in an extra account, etc.  BUT, my experience is that something always comes up, usually a WANT not a true NEED that moves those resources and our future freedom away from us. Or some foreseeable emergency like new tires throes is off! Same here.

I keep this table from CNN Money handy. It shows how much you would have after 25 years at different monthly investment rates and rates of return. Might be good to be cautious about future rates of return.

It is helpful to have an employer with a match on the company 401k.  If you receive some kind of match, typically up to 5-6% that is huge and free money.


The founder of Vanguard has shown time and again how fees the financial industry charge take a huge chunk of your wealth for nothing. Please check the fees and ensure they are low similar to what Vanguard charges. From this point just go to work and tell a computer to do the same thing every two weeks with 8% of your pay.  If that money had flowed to my current self first, I probably would have found some way to spend it in the moment.

So remember the main points here and DO THEM:  Automate, have low fees such as with Vanguard, diversify properly and LEAVE IT ALONE.


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