When Technology Doesn’t Work

If a company has an app to make checkout easier, I always try and use it if I can. Usually there are some perks you get like some % off, or a quicker easier checkout experience at the store, however it doesn’t always work that way. Today I experienced 3 failures of technology that leaves a lot to be desired.

1) Using Apple Pay at Starbucks. While I wrote in a prior post about using the Square Debit Card Boosts your purchase power by 1$ at Starbucks, it doesn’t work unless the barista knows how to enable the “Apple Pay” option at checkout. The last 2 times I went to Starbucks, they had to ask someone else how to “enable” ApplePay. That’s just silly. It should just work when you put your phone near the terminal. They really want you to use their Starbucks Rewards Card instead of a generic Apple Pay card.

2) Reserving an audiobook at the Library. Today I reserved Jim Cramers Get Rich Carefully on audiobook.  The idea is that the librarian will find the item for you before you get there and then put it on a special shelf for you to pick up and check out electronically. Well it wasn’t on the shelf when I got there, and the librarian took me to the stacks to look for it, and then couldn’t find it. Then I reminded her I’d “reserved” it and then she went into the back and found it. It should have been on the shelf waiting for me when I got there.

3) Checking out at Target with an electronic Target GiftCard from Raise inside Target Mobile Cartwheel Mobile App. I always try to snap up Raise discounts at Target when they are 4% or higher. When I add them to their mobile Cartwheel App, they are supposed to be scanned at checkout and “just work”. 4 times out of 5 though, there is a problem and the gift card doesn’t deduct from the wallet. Today the employee had to re-scan all my items and try a second time, then after it didn’t work, I had to give them a special Target giftcard access code. Trying to find this code while there is line of people waiting behind you on a slow iPhone 6 isn’t fun. I may try switching to their “RED” Card in the future to get the automatic 5% off.

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