How Going Bald Bought Me a Car

Yes, I am the bald Money Viking.  When I first started going bald in my 20’s I was bummed.  I wanted that JFK full head of hair, and it was not in style at the time to have a shaved head, but I will get to that.  I fought nature for many years.  I even paid for some special toxic shampoo and medicine, what!   But by about my late 20’s I decided to shave it, thanks to my brother and a close friend.  This was not some great act of bravery mind you.  My brother had been encouraging me for a couple years and it was starting to be fashionable (thank you Patrick Stewart and the Rock!)

I bought myself a $20 electric shaver and I have been keeping my head nice and trim ever since.  Over 14 years have passed now since I started trimming what’s left, nice and tight.  I still have the same electric shaver! If I had had a nice full head of hair, I would probably be spending about $300/year on haircuts.  That is about $4,000 saved on haircuts.  If I keep it up, which I will because more is not growing back, I will have saved the equivalent of the price of my used Honda Accord.

One of my points here is about framing your perception of situations outside your control. Perhaps there is some kind of advantage inherent in what is commonly perceived as a negative.  Think for yourself.  Be you and probably good to work with nature not against it.

Another point is try and find something that you can cut out of your budget that will add up to great savings over time.  In a later post I will talk about the audit of our regular bills that resulted in destroying our hot tub.  There are plenty of things that are slowly leaking money from your wallet that you probably do not need.  Mow your own lawn and get some exercise if you are not into mowing your own hair.  Change your own oil if you are good with cars.  Make small repairs yourself to your own home instead of hiring someone, etc.

Thank you mother nature for the Honda Accord!  Now, if I could figure out some other ways to save money for that Tesla!  That will take more than haircut money!  That’s ok, my Honda Accord is awesome and I own it 100%.

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