Turo, Car Rental Disruptor?

Anyone rented a car using Turo? This platform is attempting to disrupt the car rental space, like the Uber for car rental. You basically can rent anyone’s car or rent out your own. It seems most useful for folks who want to rent out a “fantasy” type car for a weekend, but there are also practical cars and trucks at reasonable prices. We all know car ownership pretty much sucks for our finances. The American love affair with the freedom of the car comes at a high price. To add to the waste, you have a $30,000 piece of equipment that sits idle most of the time. Rather crazy if u think about it and highly inefficient and destructive to our environment. I estimate that if people did not have to own cars but could subscribe to them, they could have another couple hundred thousand in their investment accounts. Fortunately the time of car subscription appears to be coming fast. One cool thing I think about Turo is the ability to rent out your car while it is not being used. This makes what is usually a liability into an asset. This reminds me of the predictions being made about how our relationship with car transportation is on the verge of the biggest changes in 100 years! As mentioned before with subscription services or renting out your vehicle while it isn’t being used. Or perhaps you have a desire to drive a luxury car every once in a while, perhaps for a special date or occasion. You can rent a Tesla or Mercedes instead of buying one. Probably good on the finances and a way to have some fun without ruining your chances at early fianaicial independence. Perhaps Turo is the next tool to get us there? http://oracle.davidkanter.com/2018/03/30/i-still-think-tesla-is-cool/  

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