Robinhood added Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Crypto to their platform!

Robinhood is the popular trading platform where there are free trades and a very slick interface. Millions enjoy trading stocks and ETF’s on this platform. We use both Robinhood and Cashapp for various investing and money management needs; Robinhood VS. CashApp We also occasionally use Robinhood to buy some Bitcoin. Now a person can also use the platform to acquire Ethereum. Bitcoin is hard to define and seems to be rising in popularity due to the simple fact that no Government can print more of it or manipulate it in any way. Is it a currency, store of value, new technology? it could be none of these things or all three. I like to keep Bitcoin holdings small and conservative due to how volatile it can be. You could always track these currencies before, however now you can buy and sell BCH and LTC. Will this help give those coins a boost? Will you consider investing in them?

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