Disneyland – Family Memories & Easy Ways To Save PART 2

After Greg and I got to talking, seems both of us independently came up with many of the same money saving hacks at Disneyland. Here are mine:
  • If you are going to stay at a hotel, stay down the street at a lower price one you can walk to the park from. I found a good deal on hotels.com using raise.com to buy a hotels.com gift card at a 7% discount. So the cheap price I’m already getting is further discounted!
  • Don’t buy any merchandise – not only are they are expensive, while fun in the moment will end up in landfills. You have digital pictures and memories that take up no physical space in your home.
  • Share a pizza with friends at the restaurant. Stock up on alcohol or beer from the local CVS and skip those overpriced drinks. Have a couple drinks before you walk over to a moderately priced restaurant.
  • Ignore the sodas and bring reusable water bottles. It’s the only drink you need. Then refill them all day and enjoy the rides and the exercise you’ll get walking around.
  • Keep healthy snacks in a backpack and don’t waste money on 6$ lollipops or overpriced churos.
  • If you are close enough and you have a reasonably fuel efficient vehicle, consider driving up and make sure your hotel has free parking as one of the amenities. I brought a 12V electric cooler that doesn’t require any ice. It kept our snacks nice and cool.

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