Beautiful Xeriscaping (no grass!)


Water is expensive in the southwest and Money Vikings preserve precious resources, so anything one can do to reduce that water bill is a great way to save thousands of dollars over time.  If you take those savings and invest for compounding, you can save and add a nice chunk to your net worth.  The path to a million dollar net worth is paved with flagstone that just sits there and looks nice.

I recently tore out our grass and replaced with a lovely low water low maintenance yard.  Added bonus is time over the weekends you save mowing the lawn or paying someone to mow it for you.  There are amazing resources out there for do it yourself or you can hire a professional to design, consult on plants and install.  Either way, I believe you will save a lot of money and time over the years.  If I was spending $50/month, over 30 years that is $18,000.  Over that same time that money could be invested and be closer to $60,000.  $60,000 to water some grass, one word: xeriscape!