Save With CVS Brands & CVS Stock

The other day I went to CVS to pick up a few things. It struck me how many CVS brands of common items there are, and they all appeared at least 10% less than the well known brands. If you compare the ingredients they are very close to each with the same level of quality. We have written before about the “tax” we pay for fancy packaging.

Avoid The Brand Tax!

The CVS large bottle of ibuprofen was $16 vs $20 for Advil! I like Pfizer stock, who makes Advil, but that is a big price difference. But, Pfizer has to support their dividend somehow. The bigger company also focuses on research and development. You could own both sides of the equation by owning CVS and Pfizer stock.

CVS Stock Stats

Pfizer Stock Stats

Keep in mind how much you can save by buying the store brands that stare us in the face each time we buy a common item. It could be part of a broader savings strategy. Better yet, take the savings and buy the stock too.

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