Ways to Make Money Being a “Nerd”!

Comic Con descends upon our city each year like a Game of Thrones dragon!  We are “nerds” here at The Money Vikings and love our fair share of Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Comic and Fantasy stuff, etc. Jerry is a big Star Wars guy and I love anything comic or fantasy related, as both a consumer, player and a collector as well. And that brings us to our main topic, making money as a “nerd”. We all know the “nerds” in Silicon Valley run the world, but what about the rest of us nerds that like fantasy and comic stuff? Let us think of some ways to turn pure fun into making some money:

1. Comic Collectibles as Assets?

We tend to just think of stocks, 401ks and real estate as the main assets, but what about other things in the world that hold value? Like comics? I am a copper age comic collector because it reminds me of my childhood in the 80’s. Come to find out some of these comic books that I plunked down a rare $2 for back in the late 80’s early 90’s are now worth $500, $1,000, and up depending on the book. If you do invest in comic books make sure to do lots of homework. There are many online resources that outline the valuable comics that will probably increase over time. The age of E-bay has brought collecting out of the shadows of the back rooms of obscure comic book stores. The platform can highlight how rare something is on a world stage. The point here is to think outside the box in terms of things that store value. As these items become more and more rare over time, their value will probably go up!

2. Professional Dungeon Master

This may sound crazy, but there are people making money as professional Dungeon Masters for role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. I read an interesting article about this in The New York Times not long ago, this is actually a job. You would need to develop story telling skills, understand the rules of the game and keep it moving. I will be hosting as a Dungeon Master soon, but I am only doing it for free pizza and beer, hey, better than nothing!

3. Sell Nostalgia/Collectibles

You might be surprised by the collectible items you can find at garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores etc. that are of some value. I am always sifting through the comic book section of the local thrift store, every once in a while they have a gem. These can be kept as they go up in value or they can be resold on e-bay or at comic conventions.

4. Artwork market

There is a thriving market place for people that own and sell animation cells and other rare collectibles. A person can even buy booth space at popular comic conventions and sell all kinds of collectibles and original artwork. Original artwork by a popular artist is so valuable due to supply and demand. There will only be so many original works from that particular artist, therefore the supply is very low. If the demand for that work is high, you have the classic economic formula for value.

Fantasy art by yours truly, Mr. Money Viking Greg

5. Ebay Stock, Disney Stock, Netflix, etc.

Invest in companies that own intellectual property and content of fantasy worlds. These companies are cash cows as an ever growing world middle class consume content and entertainment! And the kids are hooked early, parents are introducing kids to these brands at a very young age for consumption. Disney, Netflix, etc. own the characters we all love and adore. And there are almost unlimited possibilities for new worlds and ideas. Look at how Disney owns and expands the Star Wars universe. http://oracle.davidkanter.com/2018/07/16/disneyland-family-memories-easy-ways-to-save-part-1/ As Comic Con roars on we can think of ways to monetize our nerd status. Costume play is an ever growing trend, I wonder how much money can be made in making custom costumes for people? There is another idea! This is a general theme here at The Money Vikings, continuously think of ways to be not only a consumer of content, but also an owner and a participant. It is a big pie out there and many people can have a piece! There are unlimited things of value that people are willing to buy!

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