How’s the Blog Doing? Inspiring Each Other To Financial Independence

As we approach 300 posts/articles I have had a few people ask me lately “How is the blog doing?” I am assuming they mean financially for Jerry and I. So I wanted to lay out the cards and let you know why we blog about personal finance. Spoiler alert, it’s not for the money.

1. Not a lot of money yet from blogging, but improved investment prospects

Making money from blogging is hard like any creative endeavor. We have day jobs that we enjoy and investments, so this is not a way to pay the bills for us. This is true for many creative professionals. Some writers, artists, actors, musicians etc make huge amounts of money, but they are probably 5% of the talent pool. That is the way the economics works out.

For me, I have always pursued creative endeavors because something inside excites me about it and wanted to be as good as possible. Find your creative endeavor and do it for the pleasure and pain and to see how far you can go! I have always found the journey to be worth it! Sometimes you may surprise yourself at what you can create.

2. Do things to learn and because you are passionate about it

We created our blog to learn, stay on track with our own financial goals and because we are passionate about the subjects. This is what I like to do. I know I am not the best writer in the world, in fact I was dyslexic as a kid. But we are passionate about the subject and inspiring ourselves and other to seek their financial independence goals!

In my life I have done some things to earn money, but other things I do because I am interested in learning. Whether we admit it or not, money and personal finance touches our lives every single second. Even when we sleep, we either sleep in a nice low mortgage or paid off house or we sadly sleep in the streets. Personal finances have a lot to do with that scenario and dozens of others that play out in our lives each day. Our blog is intended to inform, entertain and enlighten as we make financial decisions. It is also meant to make the subject of personal finance accessible.

3. Plenty for all

I believe there is plenty for all. Our world is rich in resources managed through our economic system. It’s importsnt to have an understanding of that system so your family can thrive. We may not always like Wall Street ,Washington DC or Silicon Valley, but there are people there making decisions each day that effect us all. Ever heard of the Great Recession that destroyed a trillion dollars in wealth, we can thank the brainiacs in DC and Wall Street for that disaster! It’s probably a good idea to know something about all this so you can be prepared and informed. Something always happens at some point that rattles the system.

4. Being part of the F.I.R.E. community

We are happy to be active members of the FIRE community dialogue. We are collectively and singly re defining the American dream. We are providing lifestyle tips and tricks so the middle class can thrive in a difficult environment at times. We are also providing free real life examples of how to achieve financial independence. These folks are so inspirational and resourceful. I have tremendous respect for how they carve out their own unique American dream and share it with all of us.

If you enjoy it, keep blogging and continue to Conquer Your Financial Freedom! Thank you for reading and looking forward to motivating each other and learning more from each other!


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